The existing sewage treatment process has many problems, such as high investment cost, high operation cost, large sludge output, unsatisfactory discharge of effluent up to standard, low recycling rate and so on. At present, domestic sewage from residential communities is directly discharged into municipal sewage treatment plants for treatment, which aggravates the burden of municipal sewage treatment plants. In some off-grid areas such as rural areas, due to the lack of sewage treatment facilities, sewage is directly discharged without treatment, resulting in serious environmental pollution.

The State Council promulgated the Action Plan for Water Pollution Prevention and Control, which put forward clear requirements for the effluent quality and treatment technology innovation of sewage treatment facilities, including:

1. The effluent quality of municipal sewage treatment facilities should meet the first A discharge standard.

2. Develop and popularize technologies for safe reuse of reclaimed water, remediation of groundwater pollution, water ecological remediation and low-cost and high-quality treatment of domestic sewage.

MAA-Natural Eco-Water Purification System is an innovative sewage treatment technology, aiming at improving the quality of effluent, reducing costs, realizing sewage recycling and restoring ecosystems.