At present, with the rapid economic development and over-exploitation of land and forest, the natural habitats of animals and plants will be destroyed, threatening the survival of wild animals, plants and insects, and leading to the disappearance of biodiversity.

Harm from the disappearance of biodiversity: 

     •   Influencing future food sources and industrial and agricultural resources. 

     •   Soil fertility and water quality were destroyed.

     •   It affects the ecological balance of nature.

The importance of conservation:

 Species diversity consists of a variety of ecosystems, each consisting of the environment, animals, plants, microorganisms and components. All kinds of plants, animals and microorganisms play an important role in the energy conversion and material cycle of the earth, and they contribute their indispensable power in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. China is one of the 12 countries with the richest species diversity, of which 34 984 species are higher plants, ranking third in the world; 6445 species are vertebrates, accounting for 13.7% of the world; and about 10,000 species are fungi, accounting for 14% of the world. But at the same time, the threatened degree of species diversity in China can not be ignored.

According to the newly published Red Paper on Chinese Species, the proportion of species that meet the endangered level determined by the World Conservation Union is 34.74% for invertebrates, 35.92% for vertebrates, 69.91% for gymnosperms and 86.63% for angiosperms, which greatly exceeds the early estimates of 2% to 30%. At present, many ecosystems in China are in the process of continuous degradation, and their functions are also losing. Many populations are declining sharply in number and species are in an endangered state, some of which are already below the minimum number of surviving populations.

Biodiversity is the basis for the survival and development of human society. Many aspects of our clothing, food, housing, transportation and material and cultural life are closely related to the maintenance of biodiversity. Consequently, the protection of species diversity is to protect ourselves. Biodiversity is destroyed, which will inevitably have a great impact and danger on human, society and nature.

The significance of protecting species diversity:

 1. Various species provide abundant food, fiber and energy for human beings. They also provide a wide range of medicines and sufficient industrial raw materials for human beings.

 2. Diversified organisms are also important resources for tourism and entertainment.

 3. Biodiversity is the world's air purifier. Trees and other green plants inhale carbon dioxide and reduce it to pure oxygen.

 4. Biodiversity purifies water sources for human beings. Forests, soil and bacteria, streams and clouds work together to purify water quality.

 5. Biodiversity regulates climate and resists disasters. Forests play an important role in mitigating climate change and preventing flood disasters.