In recent years, with the rapid development of expressways, railways, urban light rail, subway and industry into the era of machinery, it has brought great convenience to people's travel and improved living standards, but at the same time, the noise pollution caused by it has become a prominent social problem.

The common traditional method is to use some barrier methods, such as noise barrier, noise shield and sound insulation room to solve the problem. These methods need to be carried out under certain conditions in order to achieve better results. There are still many problems in practical application, such as location, site, distance, etc. These methods are targeted, selective and range, and are not clear and beautiful.

SECCO environmental protection company noise processing development, design, manufacture and installation to solve environmental problems of noise. For different noise series, different treatment methods are formulated, such as absorbing hair, barrier method, pit seismic method, electronic silencing method, etc. Our company introduces advanced equipment and instruments for on-site analysis, provides exclusive solutions, for different range of noise solutions, in order to facilitate, simple and targeted treatment, to solve the problem of noise pollution from the root, and to establish a comfortable working and living environment.