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Industrial waste gas treatment, to help enterprises energy saving and environmental protection double harvest

Industrial waste gas not only affects people's healthy life, but also cause a lot of pollution to the environment. To this end the industrial waste gas treatment is subject to the attention and support of government departments. But how can we find an effective solution? Through all aspects of the investigation and practice, an industrial waste gas treatment, and achieved remarkable results.
It is reported that in the industrial production process of a large number of waste gas and carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrocarbons and other harmful substances in the human body contains the VOC organic waste gas is a strong carcinogen. While the traditional way to deal with the exhaust emissions from the point of operation, but this operation is only the transfer of pollution to the atmosphere and the surrounding environment, and its pollution and greater harm.
But chemical treatment of waste gas used is high pressure low temperature plasma discharge, the electric field on the adsorption harmful toxic gases on smoking in, in a superposition pulse open molecular bonds, activate free radical, the release of ozone, in a chemical reaction, free combination, to produce carbon dioxide and water, harmless to the human body at the same time, before and after the equipment is still set up a variety of filtering materials, for different exhaust device, ensure complete purification effect. For welding, solder factory waste smoke, paint, spraying, baking paint VOC, formaldehyde, benzene harmful gas, rubber, plastics odor gas, chemical, pharmaceutical produced all kinds of harmful toxic gas in industrial waste gas treatment equipment dust purifier can purify dispel.
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