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How to classify the day of waste disposal

Day of waste can usually be divided into four categories: the recovery of waste, kitchen waste, hazardous waste and other waste. The current commonly used methods of waste disposal are comprehensive use, clean landfill, burning and composting.
Recoverable waste include paper, metal, plastic, glass, etc., through the comprehensive disposal recover, can reduce pollution, save capital. As each recovered 1 ton of waste paper can be made of paper 850 kilograms, save 300 kilograms of wood, cut pollution 74% than the same amount of production; each recovered 1 ton of plastic beverage bottle 0.7 tons of secondary raw materials can be obtained; each recovered 1 ton of scrap iron and steel can be smelted steel 0.9 tons, than with the ore smelting save cost 47%, to cut air pollution 75% and 97% of the water pollution and solid waste reduction. Kitchen waste contains leftovers, bones, such as cabbages leaves food waste, by biotechnology in situ disposal compost per ton of 0.3 tons of organic fertilizer production. Hazardous waste contains waste mercury containing batteries, fluorescent tubes, waste mercury thermometer, expired drugs, such as the need for special safety disposal of these wastes. Other waste contains in addition to the waste ceramic tile, sediment and other difficult to recover the waste, the adoption of combustion or landfill of cleaning can be useful to reduce the pollution of groundwater, surface water, soil and air.
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