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Summer breeding livestock and poultry methods

Chinese herbal medicine deodorant
Proper use of Artemisia argyi, Atractylodes rhizome, leaf or garlic straw each equal parts,, burning in the henhouse, both sterilization and deodorization, especially in empty homes when use effect is better. Heat clearing and detoxifying Chinese herbal medicine feeding chicks and laying hens, the intestinal bacteria count cuts, the henhouse ammonia by 2.39 mg / cubic meter dropped to 1.62 mg / cubic meter.
Chemical deodorant
Ferrous sulfate in the feces of livestock and poultry, can inhibit the fermentation, decomposition, reduce the smell. Deodorization effect of hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, copper sulfate, acetic acid, etc.; sprayed with 2% benzoic acid or 2% acetic acid padding, or 4% copper sulfate and properly hydrated lime mixed in the packing foil surface can be decreased sheds a stink.
Physical deodorant
Charcoal, activated carbon, coal cinder, lime and has a strong adsorption effect, put these substances into the mesh bag hanging in the henhouse, or sprinkled on the ground, can absorb the odor in the air.
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