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Public toilets and garbage station comprehensive disinfection and deodorization

According to reports, with the arrival of the hot weather, entered the peak mosquito breeding, environmental sanitation management department formulated the disinfection work plan and specific measures. "In order to carry out a high standard summer disinfection work, effective prevention mosquito breeding, sanitation centralized disinfection disinfection and grouping, requires constant of 46 public toilets, 20 garbage compression stations, more than 200 block type dustbin, more than 100 a trash can, to more than 1200 sets litterbin and more than 100 of sanitation special vehicles implementation of full coverage of disinfection by, and earnestly safeguard the environment of the city." Dezhou city sanitation department, responsible person.
In order to give the public to create a good toilet environment, area public toilets are equipped with spray and fly disinfestation lights, curtain, window screening mosquito and fly prevention activities, adhere to a daily deodorization, disinfection. The sanitation department in addition to strictly according to the requirements of public toilets disinfection and deodorization, 46 public toilets installed door curtains, window screens, mosquito and fly prevention facilities, equipped with IED and other tools, to ensure the neatness of the summer toilet.
Also according to the characteristics of seasonal adjust the sprinkler and sweeping vehicle operation time, daily dispatched seven sprinkler along the area roads watering twice, focusing on irrigation trunk with three gray "; dispatched 18 sweeper, every day of the main road of mechanization general sweep and key areas were assistant work; dispatched 15 sets of special equipment, on both sides of the main road, more than 1000 shelters, bus stop, road names and public welfare billboard cleaning etc. urban parts; dispatched 11 multifunctional stains removal machine of 7000 more than a rain Shuijing Ko and trunk road area is small stains, stains them up.
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