Technical Principles:

Principle of deodorization in BIOLOGIC: The odor substances produced during the storage and storage of environmental wastes are mainly composed of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. Only a few odorants are inorganic compounds, while most odorants are organic compounds, such as nitrogen or sulfides of low molecular fatty acids, amines, aldehydes, ketones, ethers and halogenated hydrocarbons. It is noteworthy that these substances have active groups and are prone to reactions of activating blood circulation, especially nitriding. But when the active group is nitrided, the odor disappears. Bailejie deodorization process is based on this principle. Bai Lejie's air deodorization technology is to atomize some natural plant extracts containing special molecular structure and active groups, distribute atomized molecules evenly in the air, absorb odor molecules in the air, and react with odor molecules in contact with decomposition, polymerization and substitution, so as to change the original molecular structure of odor molecules, make them lose odor, and finally produce the reaction. Things are harmless molecules, such as water, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.


BIOLOGIC principle of controlling odor formation in water: According to the characteristics of anaerobic bacteria such as ammonia-producing bacteria and Vibrio desulfurizing bacteria which produce odor molecule in anaerobic stage of sewage treatment, which shout nitrogen and sulfur elements to water pollutants and reduce them to odor gas molecules such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, Bai Lejie's technology is used to stimulate microbial communities to be restrained due to the absence of environmental growth factors. The facultative bacteria can reproduce and grow in large numbers, break the natural balance of microbial community, inhibit the growth and reproduction of odor-producing anaerobic bacteria, and replace the absorption and decomposition of anaerobic bacteria in water by facultative bacteria, so as to solve the problem of volatile odor molecules produced by sewage from the root, and establish a odorless and comfortable working and living environment.