Scope of application:


SR2 is used for water and wastewater treatment, which can accelerate the growth and metabolism of facultative microbial community, thus increasing the efficiency of biological treatment, reducing sedimentary sludge and removing odor.

Deodorization in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant   Deodorization in Industrial Sewage Plant   Deodorization of Landfill Leachate    Deodorization of Sewage Pond   Deodorization in pond   Deodorization of Sewage Pit    Deodorization of lakes and rivers  

Deodorization in septic tank          Deodorization in oxidation tank          Deodorization in Piggery  Deodorization of contaminated leachate   


SRC3 is used to eliminate odors from waste or wastewater. It can quickly remove odor and prevent regeneration. Direct spraying on the surface of waste can achieve long-term gas control.

Deodorization in refuse landfill      Deodorization at Garbage Transfer Station     Deodorization in composting area     Deodorization of toilet    Deodorization in Food Industry        Deodorization by garbage crusher   

Deodorization of incinerator            Deodorization in garbage bin             Deodorization in slaughterhouses       Composting and odor control      


SRC is used for composting treatment and odor control. It can accelerate the decomposition of fertilizer and has good effect in odor control. Mixed fertilizer can be injected into the soil more quickly to absorb, so that it has a higher fertilizer utilization rate and increase yield.

Deodorization of compost compost     Deodorization in containers    Deodorization of Cement Pad   Deodorization of related equipment     Barrier screen deodorization  

Deodorization by harmless treatment of animals  Oil Separation Pool Treatment


GTT is an oil removal additive. It accelerates the decomposition of organic solids and fatty oils for the treatment of oil separation pools. After mixing with water, the odor can be eliminated and the degreasing effect of the oil separator can be strengthened by injecting into the oil separator.

Airport Deodorization   Supermarket deodorant    Deodorization in hospitals and schools    Deodorization in restaurants, restaurants and bakeries  Deodorization in slaughterhouses