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Economic development so far, people attach great importance to environmental protection. Traditional eliminate foul odor method commonly used chemical flavor to cover up the smell, or using ventilation method to reduce the smell of concentration, or with ozone oxidation method to decompose the odor molecules. These methods are in some specific conditions, can play a better effect. In practical applications still has many problems, these methods applicability is not wide enough, the use of specific methods are too cumbersome, such as: essence to cover up the smell of the air concentration more, many people do not adapt to this; convulsions and ozone oxidation methods for open occasions of role and these methods can no longer smell source to solve the odor problem, plus operation high cost.


BIOLOGIC® the principle of deodorant in the air: in the environment of waste piling up and the process of accumulation of odor substances mainly composed of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur elements. Only a handful of odor substances are inorganic compounds, and most of the odor material is organic matter, such as: low molecular fatty acids, amines, aldehydes, ketones, ethers and halogenated hydrocarbons nitrogen or sulfur. It is worth noting that these substances are with an active group, easy to occur blood circulation reaction, especially the nitriding. However, after the active group is nitriding, the smell will disappear, Bai Le jie deodorant process is based on this principle.


Deodorization technology air is some containing special molecular structure and active groups of natural plant extraction liquid atomization and atomization molecules uniformly distributed in the air, odor molecules adsorbed in the air, and odor molecules contact decomposition, aggregation and substitution reaction occurred, prompting the odor molecules in the change of molecular structure of the original to lose odor, at the end of the reaction product into harmless molecules, such as water, oxygen and nitrogen.

Biologic®: water odor generation control principle is based on the stage of anaerobic wastewater treatment process, odor molecules such as ammonia producing bacteria, anaerobic bacteria Desulfovibrio on water pollutants nitrogen and sulfur says reduction for ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other malodorous gas molecules, the use of white stimulation of microbial community in the Biologic® technology, because of the environment the lack of growth factor inhibited the growth of facultative bacteria multiply, break the natural balance of the microbial community, inhibiting smelly anaerobic bacteria growth and reproduction, by facultative bacteria instead of anaerobic bacteria in water absorption and decomposition, to solve the sewage to produce volatile odor molecules to the root causes of the problem, the establishment of a free smelly, comfortable working and living environment.