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SECCO (China) Co., Ltd. (Project Support Branch: Jiangmen City SECCO Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.) is BIOLOGIC & reg; - Lok Jie technology and products in the Greater China region general agent, is a engaged in environmental engineering, deodorization engineering, sewage treatment, surface water and lake restoration, soil remediation, aquaculture control odor processing professional environmental engineering a station type service company. The company's flagship BIOLOGIC Canada - white Lok Jie micro nutrients technology applications and products.

BIOLOGIC - white Lok Jie has passed national CMA authentication technology, has been widely used in the Greater China region. The successful application of the case has a large-scale deodorant works, high concentration and difficult to degrade COD, BOD industrial wastewater treatment projects, eutrophication lake and river management, urban landfill leachate treatment, soil remediation, etc..

With the development of the city and the process of urbanization, water and soil pollution is becoming increasingly severe, urban population growth, excessive sewage discharge, large-scale aquaculture sewage so that the river flow, black. We are willing to actively respond to the government's call for the use of the world's most advanced, the most environmentally friendly, the most natural science and technology to deal with this kind of problem.
Our company always adhere to the national environmental protection policy, adhere to the "customer first, technology innovation" service concept.