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Scicorp International Corp was founded in 1989, biologic® products have been proved that it (sewage system optimization, deodorization, deodorant) biological deodorization treatment and waste reduction effectiveness by Canada International Research Council of Biotechnology Research Association, American and Canadian government agencies, biologic® series products have been successfully marketing more than 30 countries.
In order to ensure product quality and stability, Biologic production by the highest level of raw materials. Over the years through independent laboratory and the United States and Canada government agencies and various tests and in the world within the scope of application, product quality and stability are Canadian National Environmental Protection Bureau has Ecologo recognition.
With the minimum cost to process waste and waste water, Scicorp International Corp will continue to work to provide a cleaner environment with a natural approach to governance. No negative effects on the environment, with non-toxic, biodegradable and other characteristics, does not contain bacteria, enzymes and other harmful chemicals. It can also control the breeding of flies and mosquitoes.
SciCorp (China) Co., Ltd. was established on March 20, 2010 in Hong Kong, Jiangmen SciCorp Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was found on November 2010. Is willing to expand China's contribution to the cause of environmental sanitation!
In March 2014, SciCorp (China) Co., Ltd. was established for which the company vigorously promotes the Macau market, has been in Macau get official recognition.